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I Eat, Sleep and

Breathe Creative Arts

My hobbies include everything you see on this website, and probably several more. I’m big into art of all kinds, and I am constantly pursuing new skills and learning. Building models, painting, sculpting, writing, drawing, playing guitar, archery, and I exercise and study martial arts to help keep me sane in a crazy world.

Based in Spruce Grove, Alberta, but proudly serving clients across Canada, as well as in the United States, the EU and Australia. If you’re in need of consultation or graphic design services, please feel free to contact me here.

T: 780-983-6051

Kelly Eros - Artist, Designer, Developer

I Like to Learn Stuff

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Highly Effective Communication Skills; Able to simplify advanced concepts for easy comprehension. Able to interact effectively with individuals of all ages and skill levels.
  • Effective Time-Management skills; Work very-well under pressure and within deadlines.
  • Excellent artistic ability and unlimited creativity; Capable of rapidly producing detailed conceptual art and design documentation.
  • Intelligent and Adaptable; Able to learn new technology & techniques quickly and effectively to produce consistently excellent results.
  • Work equally effective independent and unsupervised, or as part of a team.
  • Well-developed management and supervisory skills; Have coordinated and worked with small teams and large groups equally to accomplish a multitude of various tasks.
  • Over 35-years of computer hardware & software experience across a wide range of platforms.
  • Well-versed in story/narrative composition, transverse media, and marketing.
  • Extensive social media management experience Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik-Tok.
  • Positive and fun to work with, in any environment, in any situation. I always bring my A-game.

Technical Experience

  • Graphic Design & Layout; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash (Deprecated), CorelDraw!, Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe Publisher, Adobe Fireworks & Adobe ImageReady
  • Website Design & Development; Adobe Dreamweaver, Advanced HTML, XML/XHTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, E-Commerce Development & Implementation (WooCommerce, OpenCart), CMS Dev; Joomla/Wordpress
  • Extensive Operating Systems Experience; DOS, Assembly, COBAL, Unix/Linux, Windows, Apple BASIC, and Comfortable with Mac OS
  • Software Development & Programming; C, C++, Visual Studio, Coldfusion, Javascript, Actionscript, DarkBASIC, Apple Basic, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Q-3 Radiant game development platforms.
  • Video Editing; Adobe Premiere, Movavi Video Editor, Speed Razor, Flame, AVID, and Roxio Media Editing Suite.
  • Sound Editing & Production; Ableton, Cakewalk, Soundforge, ACID Pro, Hammerhead Rhythm Studio.
  • Office & Administration; Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint & Outlook, Bookkeeping
  • 3-Dimensional & Architectural Modeling, Animation, Rendering and Special Effects production; Maya, Blender, 3D-Studio (Max thru R2), 3D Viz, AutoCAD, Lightwave, SoftImage, Bryce 3D, Flash (Deprecated)
  • Networking Implementation, Administration, Troubleshooting and Analysis.
  • Print-House Technical Skills; Large-format camera operation, film development & press layout.

I Really Enjoy Martial Arts

I have been practicing Shaolin and Wing-Chun styles of kung-fu for the past 12 years, 8 of those under the tutelage of the late Master Shifu Chiu Lau in Edmonton, and since then with my Seijei and Sehings-turned-Shifu’s Donna Manca, Michael Gubbels and Eric Budd, at Chiu Lau Kung Fu College in Edmonton, AB. I have also been very fortunate to travel to China on three occasions, to live and train for a short time with the monks at the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. An absolutely eye-opening and mind-expanding experience, every single time. The training, focus and self-discipline of the monks is unparalleled, and I learned alot during each trip.

At some point in the near future, I hope to document (at least in pictures) the events of those trips. For now, here are a few of my favourite photos.

Kelly Eros

I’d Really Like to be a Game Developer

My primary focus at the moment, is maintaining my day-job creating professional websites and graphics, generally staying alive (seriously, 2020-2022..wth… sheeesh), and trying to publish a video game I created called SAK’D. It’s a passion-project I started about 5 years ago with the hopes of creating an incredible 2.5d platformer game, a bit of an homage to some of my favourite retro games, like Wonderboy in Monster Land®, Rayman®, and Castlevania®. I worked on the project with the help of about 26 volunteers over the course of about 3 years, and together we created some really incredible material. Then, the pandemic hit and I was forced with a decision; give up on the SAK’D project altogether, or keep trying to personally fund and manage development of an easier, smaller project based on the original game, with the help of my core team. Well, I’m sure as hell not giving up, so I decided on the latter, and you can read more about that awesome project here.

Have you seen the other things I get up to? Click the button below and pick a category to see some of my other hobbies, hopes, and dreams for a creative future.

SAK'D - A Pillow with Power on a Quest to Save the Realm of Dreams

See What Some of My Clients Have to Say…

Amazing, I am always captivated and extremely impressed with the outcome of my website!! Kelly is Genuine and informative in every aspect. I appreciate him for everything he is! You're a good man Kel!

Kait KrywyArtist- Entrepreneur

I contacted Kelly looking to build a web page for my new business. I didn't have a clue what exactly I wanted for it, I was given some great tips and he made it look way better then I imagined. Any ideas or changes I wanted done they did with also giving more suggestions and building on them! They did and are still doing a great job keeping my page updated. I appreciate the honesty and ideas he offers. He is great to deal with and I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Jennifer WylesBusiness Owner - Scratched-It

As an owner of a small business I was looking for more of an online presence. Once I spoke with Kelly on the phone, I realized I had found my guy. Alchemy Imageworks did an amazing job building my website! They also know how to get your website busy with traffic and they're prices are very reasonable . I couldn't be happier with the relationship we have developed over the last 3 years even though they are located in a different Province, Kelly answers my calls and emails promptly. I would strongly recommend giving them a call or send an email to get started!

Rick MarshallBusiness Owner - Party Music DJ's

Without a doubt I would highly recommend Kelly Eros. Awesome to work with. He has helped me out numerous times now with things from fixing computer issues by remote to building, updating and and maintaining websites on small and large scale projects. I can honestly say that I have yet to meet another as good at what he does. Top shelf service no matter what you need. I can't say enough good about this guy. Such a relief to know he is there anytime I need him!!! Thanks Kelly!!

Michael DagenaisBassist & Co-Owner - Celestial Ruin

Kelly has excellent artistic instincts when working with a client on their logo. I found it was like a brain dump from my muddled thoughts to his first draft. From there it was a matter of refining the concept. He's fast and attentive to detail. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a professionally made, quality logo.

Brad EdmondsonBusiness Owner - Crow Works Signs & Engraving

Hi! I’m Alfie Zappacosta. I can’t say enough about Kelly and Alchemy Imageworks. From the website he built me to the incredible help in grasping this new world of advertising and promo that lives in Social Media. As a musician and artist, it’s been difficult for me to reach out to new and existing fans. Kelly is certainly bringing me up to date, as many concepts in marketing strategies are off on a new level that I am embracing as the new norm within Social Media.
Thanks, Kelly and thanks, Alchemy Imageworks!!

Alfie ZappacostaJuno & American Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

This is my 3rd year in business now as a landscaper out in Strathmore AB, starting out on your own is not as easy as everyone would like to think but Kelly was there to show me exactly what I needed to turn my idea into reality , it’s amazing how many clients I’ve had a chance to meet after they look at my website , or my Facebook page, or my business cards. He didn’t just help me out with one thing he did it all!

I’d recommend him to anybody starting up or even someone that’s been in business for a while but wants to add a little spice to something they fee might be a little out dated , keep doing what you do Kelly , you rock !

Monty MontebelloBusiness Owner - WestWorld Landscaping

I had approached Kelly randomly when looking for a digital platform company for a sponsorship type deal for my online bowhunting show and website. Kelly welcomed me with open arms. Kelly and Shawn built me a site from scratch and designed a management userface to allow me to manage my content flow personally. At our first meeting I was immediately impressed with their desire to fulfill my needs and do whatever they could to help bring my ideas to fruition. Since then they have continued genuine support of my site and ideas and will always be my guys when it comes to anything in the digital world and marketing ideas and processes. Not too mention Kelly’s graphic art skills are impressive to say the least. I really dig his style. I’m sure you will too.

Phil TaylorBusiness Owner - Orion's Choice Bowhunters

Excellent business, highly recommend. Kelly and team and very efficient and have great communication.

William BairdOwner - JDM Connection

I’ve been dealing with Kelly for years. He’s my go-to guy for all things IT. Superior knowledge base, reasonably priced (too reasonable, sometimes) and flawless customer service.

Mike ReesOwner - Illusion Interiors

Fantastic graphic designer who Is always on point with his work. Excellent imagination.

Jody FayantBusiness Owner - Entrepreneur

Great customer service!! Highly recommend 👍 keep up the amazing work

Evan BoyceBusiness Owner - Entrepreneur