Photographing Nature is In My Nature

I’ve had a really good rapport with insects and animals alike, almost all my life, and I love to photograph them up-close and personal. Photography is just a hobby for the moment, with no aspirations to be a professional since I more prefer the ease and speed of candid amateur photography. I continue to learn and I am very grateful that Rand Stephens of Rand Photography has been kind enough to lend his advice and his time to guiding me through the finer points of this mythical art, and sharing in his experiences has helped immensely. Even without the all-pro setup, I do wield the tools I have with great enthusiasm. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S20FE for most of my hobby photography, with the addition of some fairly inexpensive macro lens attachments.

Interested In Hiring Me To Photograph Something?

Well that’s crazy-talk.ย I clearly stated above that my photography is a hobby. You should give one of my actual professional photographer friends a call, like Rand Stephens or Meaghan Baxter.