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Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to make a purchase using my links. That said; I will only post products here that I have purchased and experienced myself, and will do my best to provide thorough reviews and where possible, videos and/or images of those products in use in my life and in my home.

Here’s my affiliate link. Click the image below anytime you’re going to shop on Amazon, it will open the website and you can shop as per normal. Thanks so much for your support!

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see any amazon stuff on this page, you’ll want to disable your adblocker and refresh the page, since technically this amazon stuff qualifies as ads.

Household & Everyday Items

Cheap Vines! Turn Any Hovel into a Palace! ๐Ÿ˜€

So, those ivy vines (see link above) are amazing – for less than $14CAD and a few pushpins, you can turn any room into a show-piece. I use them to give a bit of vibrance and ‘life I don’t need to water’ to any room, and to hide speaker wires. So far the cats leave them alone (they’ve been up for months) and you get 79-feet (12 strands) so there are plenty to go around.

Pet Stuff

This is by and far the most useful and entertaining cat toy we have ever purchased. Absolutely never ceases to get their attention on a daily basis. They play with it solo, together, and even as a game with us.

3D Printing & Accessories

3D printing has become a very satisfying hobby of mine and I absolutely swear by the success of the Anycubic Photon M3 Max. Incredible detail in every print, unmatched volume and a top-notch success rate. I’ve included links to all of the very well-researched 3d printing equipment and necessary materials I use below. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out and ask here.

Health & Fitness

This is the intro video to me trying Athletic Greens for 30-days. While I didn’t post the ‘everyday blog’ I set out to, I did however, try the product almost every day for 30-days without adding my usual supplements.

The effects are noticeable, and impactful enough on my every day life to warrant uploading this video and chatting about it with anyone I meet interested in boosting their energy levels and getting a healthy round of nutrition they might not otherwise get in their diet or daily routine. The taste is extremely surprising, and the benefits are unmistakable.

Sculpting, Model-Building & Other Hobbies

As many of you know, or know from browsing this website- my hobbies are many and diverse. In addition to 3D printing, I play Dungeons & Dragons, draw, write, sculpt, paint miniatures, create miniature terrain, take photographs, and build model airplanes, spacecraft, armor, etc. Here are links to some of the products I have found most useful for those areas of fun. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out and ask here.

Gaming & Electronics